Volunteer Opportunities

As you can imagine a lot of time and effort is given by our students and our band directors before and during the school year in order to prepare for Marching Band, Concert Band and Winter Guard seasons. However, in order to make all of these performances and events happen, we still need the help and support of all of our families and the many people willing to volunteer their time. Throughout the school year, and even before, there will be many ways that you will be able to help support our John Champe High School band and color guard. Here are some of those areas in which you can help and volunteer your time and when we need volunteers you will typically receive an e-mail showing you the event and types of volunteers that we need. Once you receive that information you can log into your Charms account and sign up! This isn’t an all inclusive list of all of the ways that you can help out but these are some of the more common volunteer needs that we have throughout the year.

  • Fundraising- Contact: Rachel Chintala
    • Tag Day: Establishes routes, determine amount of drivers needed to support the routes, organize and lead committee of volunteers for Tag Day to support our biggest fundraising event of the year.  More details on Tag Day, please visit here.
      • Tag Day Drivers: Drive band members from designated pick up spots and drive along established and designated Tag Day routes.
    • Spirit Nights: Coordinate Spirit Night fundraising opportunities with local restaurants and community vendors.
    • Sponsorships & Donations- Contact: Meredith Muller
      • Focus on community and corporate sponsorships and donations to support the budget and help meet the fundraising goal for the year.
  • Spirit Wear- Contact: Andrea Carroll
    • Supervise the design, purchase and sale of John Champe High School Band clothing, accessories and logo gear.
  • Hospitality- Contact: Karin Anthony
    • Help organize activities such as the hosting of visitors, organizing volunteers and refreshments for concerts and band events and serve meals prior to varsity football games and marching competitions.
    • Food Servers: Help hand out water, food, etc before games and/or competitions as needed.
      • Pizza/Water Lead: Coordinates acceptance of delivery of pizza, set up for pizza, serving pizza, and loading water coolers.
      • Pizza/Water Server: Helps Lead with set up for pizza, serves pizza, loads coolers with water, takes coolers to stands, serves water to marchers, brings cooler back to band room, empties coolers and ensures coolers stay clean.
    • Banquet: Plan and organize location, food and decorations for mid-year banquet in December and end-of-year banquet in June.
  • Incoming Freshman & New Student- Contact: Amarjit Rahi
    • Provide guidance and support to help with the transitioning of incoming freshman band students, new band students and their parents.
  • Website and Social Media- Contact: Christina Ramirez
    • Maintain the ChampeBand website and be one of our voices on social media to help spread the word about the band and keep our members up-to-date on all band activities.
  • Photographers – Contact: Jay Bradshaw
    • Help capture all of the action on and off the field.  Takes pictures of the band from warm up to the event.  Must have own equipment.  Shares photos.
  • Videographer – Contact: Jay Bradshaw
    • Videos the performance, from the highest point possible.  Must have own equipment.  Shares video.
  • Uniforms – Contact: Andrea Carroll
    • Responsible for the issue, fit and maintenance of all band uniforms for both marching band and concert band seasons.
  • Props & Pit Crew – Contact: Tim Hyer
    • Create and build props for marching show.
      • Prop Crew Lead: Coordinates getting props constructed and in place for the students to take to/from the field.
      • Pit Crew: Help with the loading and unloading, setup and breakdown of props at games, marching competitions and other events as needed.
      • Pit Crew Lead: Coordinates pit crew getting equipment from the unloading area to the field as well as getting pit equipment on and off the field. Pit equipment includes speakers, mixer, podiums, and any percussion equipment not attached to a student.
      • Pit Crew: helps load and unload trucks.  Helps put props together and move props and pit equipment on and off the field.  Helps unload trailer and truck and put props away.  May be required to ride bus and serve as an additional bus chaperone.  “New Marcher Crew” spots are reserved specifically to assure that new marcher parents have an opportunity to volunteer.   However, parents from any grade, new or not, can sign up for any other volunteer slot.
      • Drivers: Drive band equipment to and from football games, marching competitions and other events as needed; help load and unload equipment as needed.
      • Truck Driver: Responsible for picking up the 26′ Penske rental truck in Sterling, serve as “load master” responsible for coordinating loading and unloading your truck, fueling the truck and returning it to Sterling after the event. Trucks need to be picked up about 8am on Saturday morning to secure our trucks before they run out (even though we have a reservation.)
      • Suburban/Trailer Driver: Responsible for making sure Suburban has a full tank of gas, hitching trailer to Suburban, serve as load master of the trailer making sure all instruments are properly stored and secured. At the end of the competition parking and unhitching the trailer.
  • Chaperones – Contact: Yaneth Bonilla & Smitha Satish

    •  Help maintain the safety and health of all band members by keeping an accurate headcount of all students at all times and keeping all pertinent medical related information for assigned band members in case of emergencies.
    • Lead Chaperone: Coordinates chaperones which includes assigning chaperones to buses and making sure each chaperone has a corresponding red chaperone bag with bus rooster and medical forms.  Gets bus number placards from Band Office and tapes each number to corresponding bus. Lead Chaperones stay with the students throughout the event in case of an emergency you are there to assist the student so that the directors can focus on the rest of the band.  Helps with uniforms, plumes, and racking uniforms after event. Makes sure there are at least 3 adults on each bus.
    • Chaperone: Rides bus assigned.  Carries red chaperone bag at all times.  Takes bus attendance before the bus leaves the school and at each stop. Designated chaperones stay with the students throughout the event in case of an emergency you are there to assist so that the directors can focus on the rest of the band.  Helps with uniforms, plumes, and racking uniforms after event.

We love our volunteers who help in any other ways that might be needed throughout the year, make new friends and have fun supporting the band!

There’s a chance that you work for a company that matches the hours you spend volunteering by providing donations to your favorite organization. Many companies will match an employee’s time volunteering with a financial gift to the nonprofit – and the donations help us do important things! Please check with your employer today as the John Champe Band would love your donations!

To volunteer, as we would love to have you … Please Visit CHARMS >.  You DO NOT need a login.  Simply type in champehsband under the Parents/Students/Members area.  All events that require volunteers have a multi-colored hand on them.  Click on the hand and sign up!