Tag Day

Tag Day is one of the biggest fundraising events for the John Champe Band!  ALL JCHS Band students, with marching band and guard students, dressed in their band or guard uniforms, walk door-to-door in their neighborhoods handing out flyers with information about the band and tags with the concert schedule for the band (hence the name – Tag Day) while asking for contributions. If no one is home, the students leave a mail-in envelope for the resident to send in any donations they would like.  Students can also send contribution requests to relatives and friends.

Our John Champe community is divided into several areas, therefore students are given a specific route to complete within their area. Students meet their parent volunteer in the morning, they are given their paperwork, go over instructions, divide into groups and are assigned their routes.  Parent volunteers in each area drive students to and from their routes and will report back to school at a designated time assigned.  Results will be sent out to students & parents with amount raised for JCHS on behalf of the Band.

These donations pay made out to JCHS will go towards instruments, music, uniforms, instructors, supplements the cost of band competitions and so much more!

We appreciate the great support we receive from the John Champe community each year!  If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering to assist, please contact our Band Directors

Sign Up to Volunteer to Be A Driver!

In order to make Tag Day a success, we need parent volunteers to be drivers. This year we have more than 60 routes and we will need at least 60 drivers to support those routes.  If you would like to volunteer, please use the Sign-Up Genius link above to sign up for a route.  We have divided neighborhoods into routes so that we avoid overlap of solicitation and to ensure all areas of the Champe boundary are covered.

As a driver, your responsibilities will include:

  • You will transport 2 or 3 teams of 2 students, depending on your vehicle
  • We ask for a time commitment (generally 9:00am – 2:00pm)
  • ALWAYS keep the students in your line of sight
  • Canvas your assigned area only, which will be marked on the map we give you
  • Keep the students hydrated – encourage them to eat snacks occasionally
  • If you can bring a small cooler for bottled waters for students that would be appreciated
  • Collect money/checks from your students periodically
  • Return the money and students to Champe