Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the benefits of my student participating in Band?

  • Social – the band program makes up almost 15% of the school population. Students will get to know peers in all grade levels and have a wonderful support system instantly when they enter high school
  • Neurological – continuing to learn how to play an instrument and read music has been proven to have a positive impact on the processing and development of young adults. This also allows their brain to think in a different way to offset their other courses and make them a more versatile learner. 
  • Kinesthetic – the process of playing an instrument and connecting the physical aspects of it to the mental aspects is very helpful in developing coordination skills. This becomes even more pronounced for those in marching band. 
  • Academic – colleges love to see continued participation in music courses. This lets them know the student has learned how to work as a part of a group and their brain has developed to learn in diverse ways. It helps students stand out in their application more than a few extra AP classes, and it often gives them experiences to talk about in their college essays and interviews.

Can I still do band if I’m attending AoS or MATA?

Absolutely! We have dozens of students who attend these LCPS programs and who are still in band. The best thing to do would be to talk to the directors and they can get you in touch with students who are in your situation to help you navigate. It might require a few online courses, but it’s completely doable and we have many students stay in band all 4 years while spending every other day away from Champe. Students also arrive back to Champe before the day ends so there is no impact on marching band participation or any other after school activity for Academies students.

What is the best way to receive communication?

Email and Remind are the ways we communicate. Please check your email regularly for larger items – and Remind is used for smaller updates and reminders.

What is the best way to contact someone with questions?

Email is the best way to communicate. Mr. Foreman and Mr. Miller check their email daily and will get back as soon as possible. If it’s a booster matter please email the appropriate booster position for your question – or if you aren’t sure simply email our booster president ( and they will direct you to the appropriate person.

How much should my student practice their instrument outside of school?

Students should practice their instrument for at least 15-20 minutes EVERY DAY. We prefer 30 minutes, however just the act of having the instrument in your hands and building those muscles and muscle memory every day is vital to their success. How many days a student plays their instrument is more important than how long they play that day. For example 15 minutes a day is much more valuable than practicing 60 minutes twice a week (even though the total minutes are higher).

How can I help my child improve? What resources are available?

The largest single contributor to a students individual success at the high school level would be private lessons. Students study on their own with someone who is a professional on their instrument once a week. These one on one sessions are hugely beneficial and almost all of the top players in any area are those who study privately. If you need help finding a student teacher please reach out to the band directors

What other opportunities are there if my student wants to play more outside of the school groups?

Aside from private lessons, which will have the student working on their own solo literature, there are some local youth groups that students can be a part of. 

What volunteer opportunities are there for parents?

Throughout the year there are MANY volunteer opportunities. Please pay attention to emails and we have signup geniuses sent out periodically. The largest volunteer opportunities exist for the Marching Knights and the Indoor Drumline and Colorguard, however if your student is not participating in those groups we still have plenty of needs for our curricular bands.

What if my child doesn’t want me to volunteer?

It is not uncommon for a high school student to deter their parent from volunteering for a variety of reasons. Please do not listen to your student – we need your help – and they will survive having their parents around at a school event.

What are ways parents can help from home?

We have many behind the scenes positions that can assist with things from their own home. Please just reach out to our band booster president and let them know you are interested in helping and we will point you in the right direction.

Is there a reimbursement process if I use my personal funds for any band volunteer expenses (i.e. trucks, gas, water/food for the students)?

  • Yes – if you have a reimbursement please send it to the Booster Treasurer:
  • Please note reimbursements should be approved ahead of time. 

Marching Band Specific

What are the benefits of my student participating in the Marching Knights?

In addition to the benefits of being in band (listed in the General questions section), Marching Band provides these added benefits:

  • Ability to perform and connect with peers from all grade levels
  • Ability to learn from and perform with the top players on your instrument at the school
  • Weighted GPA boost of .5 for the entire year for each marching band season
  • Travel and perform in college stadiums for thousands of your peers
  • Many colleges and universities give scholarships for marching band members
  • Increased coordination and mental capacity to process thousands of actions per performance. 

Where do I find the registration information for the Marching Knights?

What is the full schedule for the Marching Knights? When does it start?

What is the attendance policy?

Students are expected to be at all rehearsals and performances. Any absence other than illness or family emergency needs to be cleared with the directors ahead of time. Missing more than 6 hours of rehearsal during the year for unexcused reasons will result in a meeting with the student and parents about their participation in the ensemble.

Who do I contact about attendance for marching band?

All attendance matters should be sent directly to Mr. Foreman ( Students should inform their section leaders as a courtesy but Mr. Foreman must be made aware of any absences.

How do I sign up for Remind to get updates?

The 2024 Marching Knights Remind will be setup through Phoenix this year. Students and parents will be auto enrolled in group the same as they are for any course at Champe.

How do I access the Marching Knights Google Drive? What information is on there?

  • The 2024 Marching Knights Google Drive will be sent out by the directors. If you do not receive the link or need it resent please check with your student first, then email the directors to gain access.
  • The drive has all materials for the season. Calendar, Daily Schedule, Competition Schedules, Music, Drill, Resources, etc.

    How much does the Marching Knights season cost?

    The 2024 Marching Knights season fee is a total of $650 – broken up into three payments listed on the registration form. This includes everything for the season minus the shoes and warmup jacket that new marchers will need to purchase separately.

    What purchases other than the fee should we expect throughout the season?

    Aside from the shoes and warmup jacket there are no other fees we charge. Some costs that may be incurred would be athletic wear, large reusable water bottle, sunscreen, and Spirit Buddy gifts.

    If my family is having financial difficulties can my student still participate in the Marching Knights?

    Absolutely! Please reach out to Mr. Foreman directly ( if you have any financial assistance questions.

    What is the expectation for parent involvement in the Marching Knights?

    We expect parents to volunteer at least two times per season – either as a chaperone, pit crew, or helping with anything else we send out.

    What if I am unfamiliar with Marching Band and all of the equipment that you use?

    Worry not! We will train all of the parents on how to move and handle all the equipment that they are responsible for during our performances.

    Where can I find instructions on how to do my volunteer job for each week?

    Parents will also meet before each event to go over the responsibilities and make sure everyone is on the same page. Oftentimes we also email out the job duties and we will have them posted on our website in the near future.

    I want to chaperone but have a younger child that would need to attend with me - is that permissible?

    Please check with our Marching Band Coordinator first so we make sure we have enough room on the bus. Parents with small children may need to buy a ticket for them to enter some of the competitions – we will cover the parents ticket.

    What should my student have with them for band camp days?

    A full list will be sent out and posted here over the summer.

    What do the students wear for marching band rehearsals and performances?

    For rehearsals students wear athletic clothing and shoes. Sunscreen and a hat/sunglasses are recommended. For performances we wear our marching band uniform.

    Which parts of the uniform are school provided versus student provided?

    The school provides the marching band uniform and show shirt. Students must purchase their marching band shoes and warm up jacket – which they keep.

    Should my student bring home their Marching Knights uniform?

    No – the uniforms stay at Champe. The show shirt should go home and be washed in between performances. 

    My student has outgrown or lost their marching shoes/jacket - how do I order a replacement?

    Please e-mail Mr. Miller ( and he can send you the link to purchase a replacement. 

    What are section t-shirts and hoodies and how are they purchased?

    Some sections choose to do section shirts or hoodies. These are coordinated by the students and the directors are not involved. Students are encouraged but not required to buy these items.

    What are spirit buddies?

    Spirit buddies is a student organized initiative where students are asked to buy small snack items for another student before competitions. This is entirely run by the drum majors so students should reach out to them if they have questions.

    How late will students be returning from away games and competitions?

    Away games generally end around 9:30pm and we can depart the school by 10:00pm. Competitions can vary and we rely on students to be in touch with their parents for arrival back to Champe. We can get back anywhere from 10:00pm-2:00am depending on how far away the competition was. As a note we only do 1 regular season away game each year at the most, and then we only would travel if the Football team is in the playoffs. 

    Can you play a different instrument in marching band vs. concert band?

    We encourage students to march on the same instrument they use in concert band to help foster their skills. There are times when we ask for students to play certain marching instruments to help instrumentation, and if your instrument does not march (Oboe, Bassoon) then you do learn a secondary instrument.  

    How do the Marching Knights handle inclement weather?

    The Marching Knights are not an aquatic ensemble. In the event of inclement weather for a performance we assess the situation and either wait until the weather clears or cancel. For rehearsal we have indoor spaces available – rehearsal is not canceled for weather.