Band Boosters

Who We Are

The John Champe High School Band Boosters Association is made up of parents of band or color guard members and are automatically part of the Association and membership does not require any application, invitation, or membership dues. The Band Boosters provide significant support for band events, both financially and physically, and all parents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings, and volunteer their time and talents to support the band.

Board Members

President – Michelle Robbins
VP of Marching Band – Chris Morgan
VP of Communications – Tesfazon Fisshaizon
VP of Fundraising – Becky Keenan
VP of Color Guard – Cathleen Lenderman
Treasurer – Vanaja Duraiswamy
Secretary – Meenal Subramaniam


Visit our Support Page to see how you can support the John Champe Band Program!

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of the John Champe High School Band Boosters Association to assist the Band Directors and the school administration in providing our band students with the best music education possible. It is our desire to volunteer our personal time to provide support morally, physically, and financially to accomplish this objective.

It is also the vision of the John Champe High School Band Boosters Association to show support, spirit and pride of all the students involved in all aspects of band, and to encourage other parents of band members and color guard to support and get involved in fundraising.

We pledge to be Committed to the Band, the Band Directors and the School Administration

We pledge to be Hospitable to our guests, to our hosts and to our sponsors at all time

We pledge to be Accountable to each other to ensure we always act in the best interest of those we support

We pledge to be Motivating and supportive to everyone within our school and community

We pledge to be Positive role models and promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill within all areas of the school

We pledge to Encourage our children to be the best ambassadors possible for John Champe High School

We are the John Champe High School Band Boosters Association

Important Documents